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Tool for using the SteamController as systemwide XInput controller alongside a global overlay

GloSC allows you to use your SteamController as a systemwide XInput-controller alongside a systemwide (borderless window) Steam overlay

All complete with per application bindings and working rumble emulation.

GloSC can also launch any of your favorite games or applications and directly add them to Steam, be it Win32 or UWP!

It is the tool to enjoy any Game that has trouble with Steam and/or add extra functionality to your SteamController

UWP Reshade / SweetFX, Origin and Uplay and more with no hassle

How does it work?

GloSC creates and adds a (or multiple) non-Steam shortcuts to Steam. When one of those is launched, a transparent, borderless window appears in which you can use the Steam-overlay. You also get access to touch- and radial-menus and other functionality normally only present in Games

In addition to that, XInput-inputs are redirected to the whole operating system, so that they will work with any game or application

This brings full SteamController functionality to the desktop and any other application the SteamController might not have worked before

Common misconceptions

GloSC doesn't hook into any of your games, launched programs or any system-component, except into Steam itself to keep the controller from switching to the desktop-config (if not disabled)

Games do not need to be launched using GloSC.
If the "Start Application" option does not work, launch any GloSC-Shortcut from Steam, followed by a game or application.

Here's a Video from CriticalComposer that explains GloSC a bit more


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Q: The overlay isn't showing up!

A: The overlay only works for windowed or borderless windowed mode applications.

This is even true for UWP-Games! While it's true that UWP doesn't run exclusive fullscreen, some Windows bullshit prevents unsigned apps from drawing over them.

Try running your games in borderless window mode

Q: GloSC always creates four controllers, resulting in doubled inputs

A: Enable Xbox360 controller rebinding in Steam!

Q: Hitting the Steam Button + RT to take a screenshot doesn't work

A: Another limitation that most likely won't be fixed, even if Steam would take a screenshot, you'd most likely get just a blank image

Q: The controller doesn't use my config

A: In some cases the privileges of the launched application are higher than Steams, switching the controller to "Lizard-Mode"

Try running Steam as Admin

Q: GloSC overlay causes the screen to be black

A: If running on mobile, open up NVidia control panel (right click your Desktop and select it). Manage the 3D-settings and have it auto select your graphics processor.

Alternatively there is the _`bEnableOverlayOnlyConfig`_ setting in GloSC's .ini files.

If this flag is set, the overlay is only shown if it is opened.

This will, unfortunately, also prevent you from using touch- and radial-menus.

Instructions for AMD GPUs should be similar, in case any issues occur.

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